Important notice: We will no longer accept incoming PPI application packs sent by us prior to 21st June 2019. Should you wish to pursue your PPI claim please contact the lender direct or make alternative arrangements.

Furthermore, all other applications to return to us by 7th August 2019. Any application received after 7th August will not be processed.

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Month: April 2018

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Millenial shaking hands with banker

Millennials Likely to Trust Banks More Than Others, Says Survey

Research by Canary Claims reveals who people trust the most (and the least) after recent scandals in the UK. In...

Midland Bank

Claim Back Midland Bank PPI Before the Upcoming Deadline

Are you due a refund from Midland bank PPI? Don’t miss your opportunity to claim back your money before the...

Who can claim PPI

Who Can Claim PPI?

Do you know exactly who can claim PPI? Do you fall into that category? If you have some questions about...

Nationwide Building Society PPI Claims

How to Claim Back Nationwide PPI Before the Upcoming Deadline

Nationwide Building Society PPI claims can be made with Canary Claims. We’re here to help you make a claim within...

TSB PPI claims

Make a TSB PPI Claim Before the Upcoming Deadline

With only a year-and-a-half left before the PPI claims deadline, be sure to claim back TSB PPI before it’s too...

Showing 1-9 of 5 posts
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