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How to claim PPI with no paperwork

Can I Claim PPI With No Paperwork?

Do you want to make a PPI claim but can’t find your previous financial paperwork? Canary Claims is here to...

Lombard Direct

Claim Back Lombard Direct PPI Before the Upcoming Deadline

Were you mis-sold Lombard Direct PPI? If so, read below to find out how to make a PPI claim before...

Mortgage PPI

What is PPI on a Mortgage?

Do mortgages have PPI? Yes, they do! This means you could be due a refund from your bank or lender....

HFC Bank

Claim Back HFC Bank PPI Before the Upcoming Deadline

If you need help reclaiming HFC PPI, read our guide below to find out to make a claim and why...

How was PPI mis-sold

How Was PPI Mis-Sold?

If you find PPI on an old bank statement, how do you know that it was mis-sold to you? Read...

PPI Claims Deadline To Be Challenged

New FCA PPI Advert Returns to Our Screens

Have you seen the new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) PPI advert? If so, you’ll know that the PPI deadline is...

What is PPI

What is PPI?

If you’re unsure about what PPI is and if it affects you, read our guide below to find out all...

Capital One Bank

Claim Back Capital One PPI Before the Deadline

Were you mis-sold PPI by Capital One? If so, start your claim today within plenty of time before the PPI...

Goldfish credit card

Claim Back Goldfish Card PPI Before the Deadline

Claim back your Goldfish card PPI before the upcoming PPI deadline. Canary Claims explain how to make a claim and...

Showing 1-9 of 9 posts
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