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A woman stressed about money

One-Fifth of Women of Stressed about Money on a Daily Basis — But What About Men?

Data from a recent Canary Claims survey reveals a huge difference between men and women in their stress over finances....

When Do PPI Claims End?

When Do PPI Claims End?

If you haven’t yet made a PPI claim, you need to do it soon, because the deadline is getting closer....

reclaim PPI checklist

How to Reclaim PPI From Your Bank

With just over twelve months until the PPI deadline, now is the time to reclaim PPI. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)...

how do I check if I had PPI

How Do I Check If I Had PPI?

If you haven’t yet checked to find out if you had PPI, now is the time to do so. The...

First Plus PPI

How to Claim First Plus PPI Before the Deadline

You’ve still got time to claim First Plus PPI before the impending deadline in August 2019. Here’s how to reclaim...

How To Claim Back PPI Yourself

How to Claim PPI Yourself

You need to make your PPI claim before the impending deadline. We take you through how to claim back PPI...

what does PPI stand for

What Does PPI Stand For?

A question we are frequently asked as a PPI claims company is: what does PPI stand for? We’re here to...

citifinancial PPI

How to Claim Citifinancial PPI Before the Deadline

Time is running out to claim your Citifinancial PPI. If you think you could be due a refund, read the...

A page of numbers and PPI claims companies fees. PPI is magnified.

PPI Claims Companies Fee Cap: What Does it Mean For Consumers?

*Updated May 2018 During July this year, a fee cap for PPI claims companies will be introduced. What will this...

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