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Month: September 2018

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Lloyds Bank PPI claims

Lloyds Bank Increase Provisions for PPI Claims Again

Lloyds Banking Group has increased its PPI provisions yet again to pay back even more consumers for mis-sold PPI. With...

PPI claims Ireland

Are PPI Claims Available in Ireland?

PPI was mis-sold to consumers in Ireland, as well as the UK. If you live in Ireland, now is the...

fast tracking a PPI claim

Can I Fast-Track a PPI Claim?

Making a PPI claim can be a slow process…is there any way to speed it up? At Canary Claims, we...

a stack of British bank notes

FCA PPI Claims Reach £32 Billion

The amount of money being paid to customers for PPI claims is now well beyond the £30 billion mark. Have...

a PPI claim form

Where Can I Get PPI Claim Forms?

If you want to make a PPI claim, you need to complete a form to send to the bank. Below,...

PPI Interest Rates

Do PPI Claims Include Interest?

We get asked many questions regarding PPI claims, one of which is about interest. We explain all about this topic,...

A young couple happy at receiving their PPI payout

Nearly 90% of the UK Are Unaware They Could be Due £1,700

Did you know that you could be owed £1,700? Like millions of other people in the UK, you could be...

Showing 1-9 of 7 posts
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