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Month: January 2019

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Elderly couple filling out PPI claim forms

Can I Claim PPI from 20 Years Ago?

The deadline for PPI claims is getting nearer. But just how far back do you need to look for a...

A bank the owes ppi claims

PPI Claims: Does Your Bank Owe You Money?

UK banks are paying billions of pounds to compensate customers for mis-sold PPI. PPI claims company, Canary Claims, explains how...

Claim PPI Today to Help Your 2018 Finances

Claim PPI Today and Help Your 2019 Finances

Making a PPI claim today could help your 2019 finances, so why not start the year off in the best...

wooden blocks with the letters PPI on them

The FCA and PPI: What Is Their Role?

Have you heard of the Financial Conduct Authority? Who are they and what have they got to do with PPI...

Showing 1-9 of 4 posts
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