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Month: March 2019

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clock with the word deadline on the face

Everything You Need to Know about the PPI Deadline

The PPI deadline is coming. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to tell you everything you need to know about the...

a woman putting a £2 coin in her purse

Do You Know How Much the Weekly Income Is in the UK? Over 80% of People Don’t

Do you know how much full-time employees in the UK earn per week? Canary Claims investigates if people know how...

A wooden review stamp leaning against a stack of PPI forms

A Guide to the Financial Ombudsman Service and PPI Claims

The Financial Ombudsman Service independently reviews PPI cases rejected by banks and lenders. Do you need it to review your...

PPI deadline date 29th August

Only Six Months until the PPI Deadline Date

The PPI deadline date is getting closer. But with the clock ticking, are you prepared to submit your claim before...

Showing 1-9 of 4 posts
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