Are PPI Calls Genuine?

Posted on November 26, 2018 by Canary Claims A worried looking woman receiving a PPI phone call

Thousands of UK consumers have been plagued by cold calls regarding mis-sold PPI. Are these calls real?

The PPI deadline is extremely close now, with consumers having just nine months to contact the bank regarding a claim. The cutoff date pressure means PPI claims companies are eager to process as many claims as possible. For those companies who use cold-calling as a marketing method, it means more calls and follow-ups. But, many people need to know: are PPI calls genuine?

Numerous companies have been charged for persistent cold calls. In 2017, Your Money Rights Ltd was charged with a £350,000 fine for making nearly 150,000 illegal phone calls. The automated calls did not mention the company’s name or contact information.

Consumers will be happy to hear the recent news from the government about a clamp down on cold-calls, with a hefty half a million pound fine for those caught breaking regulation. The new rules mean consumers will need to opt-in to receive these types of marketing calls.

But if you are receiving PPI calls and do want to make a claim, should you trust the company on the other end? At Canary Claims, we don’t ever cold call customers. But, here is some valuable information to help you understand who is calling you and how you can make a PPI claim.

PPI Calls: Are They Genuine?

If you receive a call regarding mis-sold PPI, be aware before giving away any personal information. Although some PPI calls are genuine, others are not. We have been informed that individuals are trying to scam customers by saying they are from Canary Claims. We never cold call so please read our fraud alert.

If the person on the phone sounds like they are from a legitimate company, always do your research before following through with using its services. The Claims Management Regulator has a list of all registered companies and you can check the authority. You can also check online for company reviews and further terms and conditions.

Making a PPI Claim With a PPI Claims Company

If you would like a reputable PPI claims company to handle a claim on your behalf, we suggest researching a company. Although a PPI phone call may be genuine and from a legitimate company, it’s always worth checking for yourself and asking friends if they’ve used any great services.

You should always check how much you will be charged for a successful claim. After a recent government regulation, all PPI claims companies must charge 20% +VAT (24% total) or less. At Canary Claims, we charge just 15% + VAT (18% total), making us lower than many other companies.

You should never pay any upfront fees to the company and all companies should keep you updated throughout the claims process.

Using a claims management company means little work for you to do. An honest company will investigate any evidence of mis-sold PPI on multiple financial products. Once discovered, the company can make a claim on your behalf and handle all communication with the bank. The small fee is for the work it has done for you.

Despite this, it is possible to make a PPI claim yourself. If you have all of the relevant paperwork and don’t mind spending time contacting and following up with the bank, it can be worthwhile.

Be aware of PPI claims but be sure to make a claim before the impending deadline. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to receive a refund for the money that you are owed.

Use a trustworthy claims company to handle your PPI claim before August 2019. Canary Claims offer an incredibly low fee on successful claims of just 15% + VAT (18% total). Start your claim with us today.