Are You a Victim of Mis-Sold PPI?

Posted on July 26, 2012 by Canary Claims Have you been mis-sold PPI

Are you like thousands of others who are victims of mis-sold PPI? If so, now is your time to act and make a claim to receive possibly thousands of pounds back. Sounds interesting? So what is PPI and how can you claim it back? PPI stands for Payment protection insurance which is usually taken out in conjunction with a credit agreement like a mortgage or loan. This insurance is supposed to cover your repayments should they ever become difficult. So if you have lost your job or had an accident, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the money you owe to credit lenders. It sounds so worth it and sensible whilst your taking the policy out but its very unlikely you will need to use the insurance and in the slim chance you do, its actually extremely hard to do so and this is what the banks and lenders have not been telling their customers and this is how you could be a victim of mis-sold PPI.

There isn’t just this factor of mis-sold PPI, but many others too so if you think back to when you took on your credit agreement, did the lender talk you through PPI? Did they explain clearly how it would work should you ever need to use it? Did you feel pressured or did you not know payment protection insurance wasn’t compulsory? And lastly, did you actually know you had payment protection on your credit agreement? If any of these sound familiar to you then you definitely have a case to reclaim your mis-sold PPI.

You can make a claim in most mis-sold PPI cases of any credit agreement taken out in the last ten years. So whether you are still making repayments or you have paid your loan off in full, you could be one of thousands of people who have been a victim of mis-sold PPI and are now in the process of claiming it all back plus interest and to think you may have been paying up to 30% of your original loan amount just in insurance, then you could be due a hefty sum of money.

Think what you could do with some extra money coming in. So if you think you may be a victim of mis-sold PPI, then do not hesitate and start a claim today.