Are You Due A PPI Refund?

Posted on August 9, 2012 by Canary Claims PPI refund stamp

PPI is an abbreviation of payment protection insurance which you may have possibly come across whilst signing up for a loan policy or other credit agreement such as a mortgage, credit card, store cards etc. This insurance supposedly protects your repayments to the banks and lenders should you ever have problems in making your monthly payments through becoming unemployed or being involved in an accident or even illness which at the time of taking out your loan sounds the most secure thing to do but what the lenders have been misinforming their customers is that in the slim chance it comes to having a particular difficulty in making your repayments, then its actually very hard and complicated to claim. With this in mind amongst other examples the banks and lenders have been accused and lost a case of PPI mis selling and now you can join thousands of other customers around the UK who have made a claimed a PPI refund.

Reclaim PPI

A PPI refund will enable you to claim back not only what is rightfully yours but all the payment protection you may have had on a loan or various credit agreements, plus interest. So if you think you may have taken out the protection then now is time to do something about it and you could have thousands on your door step within a short space of time with little effort needed from yourself.

You’re probably thinking how do I make a PPI refund? Its extremely straight forward to do so, firstly being to find out whether you actually have protection on not just maybe a current loan, you can also claim a PPI refund on any agreement that may have been paid off up to around ten years.

You can find out either by looking on a statement or contacting your particular lender who should inform you. Then next you need to think how you were a victim of mis sold payment protection. Were you advised of the costs, circumstances when possibly needing to make a claim on the PPI?

  • Did you feel pressured into taking out the insurance?
  • Were you even informed of PPI or was it just automatically put onto your loan policy.

All these are examples of mis sold PPI and if any sound familiar to you then you must take the next step to ensure you get back your full PPI refund.