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a woman putting a £2 coin in her purse

Do You Know How Much the Weekly Income Is in the UK? Over 80% of People Don’t

Do you know how much full-time employees in the UK earn per week? Canary Claims investigates if people know how...

complaints file on a stack of forms

Over Two Million Insurance Complaints in the First Half of 2018

Millions of individuals have made successful PPI claims before the impending deadline. How many more people will make claims in...

man in a Christmas jumper looking at a laptop with a worried expression

Nearly 25% of People Are Worried about Their Finances This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we find out if consumers are concerned about their finances over the festive season....

A worried looking woman receiving a PPI phone call

Are PPI Calls Genuine?

Thousands of UK consumers have been plagued by cold calls regarding mis-sold PPI. Are these calls real? The PPI deadline...

Barclays Bank sign

Barclays PPI Claims Lead to Profit Loss

As the PPI deadline approaches, Barclays is still suffering from the money being paid to customers for PPI claims. During...

Barclays Boss Claims PPI Has Turned the UK into Fraudsters

This week, the Barclays chairman made a bold statement about UK consumers becoming fraudsters for claiming PPI. To date, the...

A woman stressed about money

One-Fifth of Women of Stressed about Money on a Daily Basis — But What About Men?

Data from a recent Canary Claims survey reveals a huge difference between men and women in their stress over finances....

Millenial shaking hands with banker

Millennials Likely to Trust Banks More Than Others, Says Survey

Research by Canary Claims reveals who people trust the most (and the least) after recent scandals in the UK. In...

Financial terms and conditions

Risk of a PPI Repeat? Majority of UK do not Read Financial Terms and Conditions

A survey by Canary Claims reveals that most UK citizens DO NOT read the terms and conditions when signing a...

Showing 1-9 of 9 posts
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