Claim Back Natwest PPI Before the Deadline

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Canary Claims Natwest PPI

Natwest is another bank heavily involved in the PPI scandal. Find out how you can make a PPI claim against Natwest.

The upcoming PPI deadline means now is the time to claim back your mis-sold Natwest PPI. Like all the other UK high street banks, Natwest was involved in the misselling scandal which has led to billions of pounds being paid back to customers.

In 2013, Natwest’s bill for repaying PPI hit £2.6 billion. Billions more have been paid out since that date, including a dispute over divorced couples receiving the same amount of money. PPI was sold throughout the 1990s, meaning many couples who purchased PPI on a joint account are no longer together. One customer made a PPI claim but found that her ex-partner had already claimed and he had received most of the money. The issue was resolved with Natwest agreeing that an equal amount should be paid to both people on the account, regardless of if they are still together.

The average payout for Natwest and RBS customers is in excess of £1600. Not all customers have made claims, meaning there is a still a lot more money to be paid out.

Find out how you can make a PPI claim against Natwest with our information below. Canary Claims is a leading claims management company; we can help you reclaim your money from Natwest. Let’s start with some key information:

How Was Natwest PPI Mis-Sold to Customers?

A former Natwest employee revealed how they were pressured to sell PPI. Employees were encouraged to make customers feel anxious and discuss the many benefits of the product. Bonuses were often tied into how much PPI was sold, making employees feel like they had to sell it to people to earn a decent wage and feel secure in their job.

This is just one of many accounts from employees. In some cases, PPI was put onto a customer’s account without their knowledge or consent. This is why everybody should check their account paperwork for PPI.

What Products Were Natwest PPI Mis-Sold On?

Natwest lists all of the products below as possible products where PPI was mis-sold. It affects both business and personal accounts, so it’s important to check paperwork from both. Many people who are owed PPI were sold it on multiple products.

  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Overdrafts
  • Mortgages

How Can You Claim Back Natwest PPI?

Making a PPI claim against Natwest is simple. Here at Canary Claims, we’ve made claims against Natwest for thousands of customers. We’ll make a claim on a no win, no fee basis [Cancellation charges may apply only if the claim is cancelled after the 14 days cooling off period. The fee would be based on the work done at the time of cancelling at a rate of £120 per hour and up to a maximum total of £180] , meaning you only need to pay us if the claim is successful.

We will contact Natwest for you, outlining the products which you believe PPI was mis-sold on. After they have investigated the claim, we will contact you with the outcome. Any information the bank might need can be referred to us. We’re happy to take care of all communication so that the process is easy for you.

If you no longer have your paperwork from Natwest, we can still help you find all of the relevant paperwork and information needed to make a claim.

The PPI deadline has been set for August 2019. This means there could be an influx of people making claims. To make sure you can get your money as soon as possible, take the steps towards reclaiming right now.

Start your PPI claim today with Canary Claims. Charging only 15% + VAT, we offer incredible claims management company rates. We want to help you reclaim your Natwest PPI as soon as possible, so let’s get started.