Claim some compensation through PPI

Posted on August 17, 2012 by Canary Claims A page of numbers and PPI claims companies fees. PPI is magnified.

Over the last couple of years banks and lenders have lost a huge court case over mis sold PPI. They have been accused of various forms of mis selling to their customers from lack of explanation about PPI to giving their customers no information whatsoever regarding the insurance and now you can join thousands of others who are making a claim for PPI compensation.

Claim Back PPI

For those of you who are not entirely sure about PPI, what it is or how to make a PPI compensation claim then it is rather straight forward to do so. Basically if you have ever had a loan or credit agreement such as a mortgage, credit card or store card for example then you will more than likely have PPI or in other words payment protection insurance. Now you could have been paying up to 30% of your loan amount just in insurance and you could compensate this all back plus interest if you think you have been mis sold PPI. So if you think back to taking the loan out whether you are still making repayments or has already been paid off within the last ten years you need to think about payment protection insurance.

Do you remember discussing it and was it explained to properly? Did you feel pressured at all? If these examples sound familiar you definitely have a case to make a PPI compensation claim. Many people feel at the time of taking out a credit policy that payment protection is the most secure thing to do. Well of course you would as if you occurred an accident or became unemployed, PPI would supposedly cover your repayment costs but although it sounds great at the time, payment protection has been a waste of time and money for many and in the slim chance you may have needed to use your insurance, it would have been extremely difficult to claim and this is what the banks and lenders have also not been informing their clients. This being another example of payment protection mis selling.

If you know you have or have had payment protection, then start the process in claiming for PPI compensation and you could have thousands of pounds returned to you within a short space of time. Don’t be a victim of mis sold PPI; instead join thousands of others who have claimed back what’s rightfully theirs!