Credit Card? Loan? Mortgage? You Could Have Been Mis-Sold PPI

Posted on October 5, 2012 by Canary Claims Mis sold PPI

Mis sold PPIIf you have any loan or credit agreement such as a credit card, loan, mortgage or even store card. Whatever the amount you have taken on these then you could have been offered or even sold payment protection or what is heard a lot recently is the abbreviated format of PPI.

This protection is offered to you to secure your loan repayments should anything happen for example if you were in an accident or became poorly and you couldn’t work then you payments would be secure and also if you became unemployed, supposedly the same thing would happen and you wouldn’t have to worry about how you were going to make payments back. You have probably in the past thought wow what a brilliant thing to have as a bit of security but unfortunately you have more than likely been mis sold PPI, meaning its not actually been as secure as you probably have hoped, but don’t worry now is the time to claim all your payment protection you have been paying out back.


You can claim your PPI back through your particular lenders or bank due to them losing a huge court case regarding mis sold PPI. It has come about that this has been mis sold due to customers never actually needing to use the protection and in the rare chance people have needed to claim on the insurance, it’s been very difficult to do so.


Also customers have said to have felt pressurised into taking the insurance and some have even said they didn’t know anything about PPI and that they have just been paying it on top of their loan agreement. Some have also said they didn’t know it wasn’t compulsory and thought they had to take payment protection in order to get the loan in the first place. If any of these sound familiar then you too have more than likely been mis sold PPI and now you can claim it back including interest. Its disgusting to think that you may have been paying up to 30% of you original loan amount just in mis sold PPI. That’s a heck of a lot of money for something you may have never used so don’t delay, get your wasted money back today by making your case against mis sold PPI.

So check your Credit card statements and mortgage agreements to see if you have been paying PPI and get in touch with us today about reclaiming.