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Posted on November 17, 2017 by Canary Claims Debenhams store card PPI

Debenhams store card PPI has left thousands of people out of pocket and owed money. Are you one of them?

Payment protection insurance was mis-sold to thousands of customers. Credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and overdrafts were products targeted for selling with PPI. Often, it was added without the knowledge of the customer. While the high street banks were misselling PPI, so were some well-known high street shops.

Debenhams store card PPI was mis-sold to customers who signed up for a store card. Debenhams store card customers were not told the full terms and conditions of insurance and many were unaware that they even bought it. If you haven’t checked your store cards for mis-sold PPI, now is the time to do so. One woman received almost £25,000 for mis-sold PPI on a Debenhams store card.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently announced that all PPI claims must be made by 29th August 2019. This official PPI deadline means that you need to act now in order to get your money in time before the deadline. If you’ve seen Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV, you’ll have heard him telling people to ‘do it now!’ This means you need to decide if you want to make a claim now before it’s too late.

Here at Canary Claims, we strongly encourage everyone to check if they are owed PPI within plenty of time of the deadline. Debenhams PPI means you could be owed thousands of pounds. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the paperwork or not; it’s possible to make a Debenhams PPI claim either way. Find out how to make a Debenhams PPI claim below.

How Was Debenhams PPI Mis-Sold?

Numerous customers have reported the misselling of PPI onto Debenhams store cards. Customers were not asked sufficient questions to find out if they were suitable for the insurance, or not told about the insurance at all.

Typical questions which should be asked when customers are buying PPI are:

  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?
  • What is your employment status?

These questions were often not asked, thus being mis-sold. Many customers were told that the insurance was compulsory and they couldn’t get a card without it.

How to Make a Debenhams Store Card PPI Claim

Even if you bought a store card over 20 years ago, it’s still possible to make a PPI claim. What’s more, with Canary Claims, it’s easy to make a claim. We’ve handled thousands of PPI cases, including those for Debenhams store card PPI.

Still, making a PPI claim for a Debenhams store card can be difficult, as ownership has changed over time. GE Capital once owned a lot of store cards but they were bought by Santander in 2008. In 2013, New Day bought Santander’s store cards, including Debenhams. There is a lot of confusion over who to contact with a Debenhams store card PPI claim, as it depends on when you had your store card. Canary Claims will be able to find out exactly who to contact when making a claim.

To find out if PPI was mis-sold to you, find your old store card paperwork. If you no longer have the paperwork, contact Canary Claims, who will be able to find out if you bought PPI. Once you know, you will be able to make a claim. We offer a no win, no fee PPI claim policy, meaning you won’t need to pay until you find out if your claim has been successful. Start your claim as soon as possible to beat the PPI deadline.

Canary Claims is based in London and offers a competitive, low fee of 15% + VAT (18%)! Contact us to find out if you’re owed Debenhams store card PPI, and how we can help you reclaim the money you’re owed.


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