Ever Had A Credit Card? Then You Could Be Due Some Money Back

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Canary Claims Credit Card PPI


If you have ever been the owner of a credit card, whether you currently have one or you have had one but not any more over the last ten years then you could be entitled to some money back through credit card PPI.

When applying for your credit card you may have been offered credit card PPI also known as payment protection insurance to protect your credit card payments if you ever, unfortunately, came into difficulty doing so, for example, you may be involved in an accident or become seriously poorly and with this you would be unable to work and make money to make credit card repayments. Also if you ever became unemployed then the credit card PPI would also support your payments. Although payment protection sounds very secure, you need to think if you would ever need to use it or not. To be honest there is an extremely slim chance you would become seriously poorly or unemployed within the time of having a credit card but if you have felt that taking on protection is the best thing to do then that is fine but it has also come about that if you ever did need to claim on your credit card PPI then it has been known to be very hard to do so with a lot of stress involved.

Whether you have wanted the credit card PPI or not, there is now a chance you can claim it back plus interest. Why? Because of the high percentage of never needing PPI and also the difficulty in making a claim should you need to amongst other factors the banks and lenders have lost a court case for mis-selling PPI to their customers and now must pay it all back to all customers who have had credit card PPI within the last ten years.

Now for you to claim your credit card PPI back you need to prove that you have been a victim of mis-sold PPI. How can you do this? Easy, firstly think back to how you may have been mis-sold payment protection. Were you informed in detail about credit card PPI? Did you think it was compulsory? Did you feel pressured? Have you never needed the PPI?




All these are factors of mis-sold PPI and now you can start your case to have it all claimed back plus interest. You have been paying for something that will more than likely be no good to you in the long run so join others today who have already claimed thousands of pounds back from credit card PPI.

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