Heard About PPI? But How Can You Claim Yours Back

Posted on October 3, 2012 by Canary Claims Claim back your PPI

So you have more than likely heard about Payment protection insurance and how you can claim yours back should you have or have had over the last ten years, credit or loan agreement offered to you by specific lenders or banks such as a credit card, a mortgage, a store card or a cash loan itself. At the time of taking on your loan, you were probably offered PPI, or payment protection insurance and which like thousands of others you more than likely went for it thinking it would be the most secure thing to do. But you have now probably heard that the PPI was, in fact, mis-sold to you by the lenders for maybe a number of reasons. But how to claim back PPI is the question?


If you think back to the day you were offered a particular credit agreement whatever it may have been. Does payment protection sound familiar? Was it discussed with you, including the terms and conditions or even the procedure when possibly needing to claim on the payment protection? If so you may have decided to not take on the protection insurance in the first place due to complications when needing to make a claim on it. Also when you think back, do you remember feeling pushed into taking on insurance on top of your loan agreement? If so you could have ended up paying 30% of your loan amount just in payment protection and now you need to know how to claim back PPI as a) You haven’t used the payment protection and b) you too think you have been a victim of PPI mis-selling just by looking at some of the examples above!


So if you take a look at a statement, whether a current or previous, then you should see stated whether you have PPI or not and how much you have been paying or still are for that matter. If you cant see payment insurance on your statements but feel that PPI seems familiar, give your specific lenders a call who will inform you whether you have it or not. These are the first initial steps you need to take on how to claim back PPI. The next steps are a very smooth process with little input from yourself required. Then in most cases, you will have your PPI refund back within a short space of time so follow those first steps on how to claim back PPI and you could have a lovely sum of money returned very soon.