Make sure you know how to claim back your PPI

Posted on September 11, 2012 by Canary Claims black horse finance ppi

Claim Back PPIHave you ever had a loan, credit card or mortgage? If so it’s important that you read on as you could be entitled to thousands of pounds. If you have taken out any of these or any credit agreement for that matter then you have more than likely been offered something called PPI. PPI stands for payment protection insurance which is there to protect you if you ever came into trouble in making repayments. By trouble, this could be becoming unemployed or involved in an accident or becoming poorly causing you much difficulty in making repayments. Unfortunately though in the unlikely chance that you did ever need to make a claim on PPI then it has been known to be extremely difficult to do so and the banks and lenders have now been accused of mis selling insurance due to this. So if you do have payment protection on a credit agreement then its important for your own good to know how to claim back PPI.

To claim back payment protection you don’t just have to not have used or needed the protection during your loan period as there are other factors of the banks have mis sold PPI. You can claim back PPI if you didn’t know you had it in the first place or you do have it and know you have it but thought it was compulsory to do so and you may actually be fully aware of all the terms of protection as it wasn’t explained to you fully. Also mis sold PPI cases that have been known are that people were felt pressured into taking the payment protection out in the first place. Maybe these sound relatively familiar to you so next you need to know how to claim back PPI.

You can make a claim through your original lenders to claim back PPI although in most cases the banks have been putting up a fight and can cause quite a lengthy process to have to deal with yourself. Another option is to seek help on how to claim back PPI where it is done all for you with little input from yourself needed at all. This ensures a quick and straightforward outlay to the whole reclaim process and you could have thousands returned to you in no time.