Make Your PPI Claim Before The 2019 Deadline

Posted on November 29, 2016 by Canary Claims Make Your PPI Claim Before The 2019 Deadline

Sometime in mid 2017, the Financial Ombudsman Service is expected to announce a deadline for ppi claims applications to be made, which means that a deadline date for ppi claims will be set (most likely 2019.)

What Is PPI?


PPI is a form of insurance, which is supposed to help customers by ensuring their loans, mortgages or other payments are always paid, come what may.

It could mean occasional payments are covered when customers struggle to make them because they have fallen sick, lost their job or suffered other setbacks.

Can I Make A Claim?

Millions of people were signed up to take on ppi insurance, even though the majority of customers did not need it. Other methods used to make people sign-up included: pressuring people into buying it, the insurance behind added on without consent,

What Are My Next Steps?

The first thing to do is to get in touch with the lender to ask how to claim.

It is worth pulling together relevant documents you can find, and contacting Canary Claims, by either filling out the claim form on the homepage or alternatively giving us a call.

The bank will have eight weeks to respond. Canary Claims will handle all areas of your claim and if you are not happy we will then ask the Financial Ombudsman to review the case.

You can call Canary Claims for help on whether you could be eligible, how to claim and how to get a review on 0800 634 8668 or on our homepage.