Important security notice: There are some PPI fraudsters claiming to be from Canary Claims, trying to scam you out of your money. Find out more and stay safe.

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Mortgage PPI

Find out more about mortgage PPI

Are you part of the huge percentage of people living in the UK who are owners of a mortgage? If...

PPI Money

Ever Had a Loan or Credit Agreement? Now You Could be Owed Money!

There are many examples of mis sold PPI. The most obvious one being that, we have been sold this insurance...

Mis Sold PPI

Are You a Victim of Mis-Sold PPI?

News of Mis sold PPI is taking the country by storm by thousands of banks and lenders customers claiming all...

black horse finance ppi

Make sure you know how to claim back your PPI

Have you ever had a loan, credit card or mortgage? If so it’s important that you read on as you...

someone signing a credit card agreement

Find out more about credit card PPI

Do you have a credit card? Or owned one in the last ten years? If so you may have heard...

using a company to reclaim PPI

Using a company to reclaim PPI

The percentage PPI Companies take from your reclaimed PPI will pay for the time spent in sorting out the paperwork...

What is PPI?

What is Mis-sold PPI?

There has been a lot of confusion about the mis-sold PPI hype. This story has been all over the media...

a businessman handing over a PPI compensation cheque

Don’t be Afraid to Claim PPI Compensation.

If you are entitled to PPI compensation, you shouldn’t worry about making a claim. The banks have set aside money...

PPI money back

Get Back Your Mis-sold PPI now!

Many people have been claiming back their mis-sold PPI from banks and mortgage companies. However they may not realise that...

Showing 226-234 of 306 posts
Page 26 of 34