Now you can reclaim your PPI

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Canary Claims reclaim ppi

reclaim ppiYou may have heard about something called PPI recently either on the news or advertised on television. Many people have never realised what PPI is or what we have it for but now is the time to find out whether you have it or not as now you can reclaim PPI like thousands of others already have.

If you haven’t heard of PPI before, now is the time to find out more about it and whether you have it or not so you can maybe claim back thousands of pounds in refund. If you have a credit card or taken on a loan or mortgage you more than likely will have PPI which stands for payment protection insurance, If you think back to when you took on your credit agreement, it may become clear that you were offered payment protection in case the unfortunate happened and you were unable to make repayments to your loan policy.

We all have considered it and probably most of us have gone and taken out the Payment protection just for the security but if you really think about it then in fact, you have probably never needed to use the PPI and in the slim chance you may have needed to claim on it then in fact it is actually extremely difficult to do so meaning that you have been wasting money on something you don’t need and with this you can now reclaim PPI and get any money owed back to you including interest. You can do this as many lenders and banks have lost a case against payment protection mis selling so whether you have paid the loan policy or not you can still make a claim to reclaim PPI.


There are other factors of how you can reclaim PPI too. Do you think you may have been pressured into taking payment protection? Were you given a choice? Did you know it wasn’t compulsory? There are many factors that the banks have been accused of mis selling payment protection, so you can start your case today to reclaim PPI that you may have either on one loan policy or you may have a number of loans to claim on.


Thousands of people have already made a PPI reclaim so why not try and see if you can too. You have nothing to loose but possibly thousands to gain.