If you’re planning to make a PPI claim or want to find out how much you could be owed from mis-sold PPI, Canary Claims have created a free online PPI calculator for you to uncover the potential of your refund.

The PPI claims calculator will offer an estimate of how much you could receive from a successful PPI claim. If you know all of the relevant details, the calculator is more likely to give you a more accurate answer.

Calculate your PPI Refund

Use the form to calculate your PPI refund amount.

First choose whether the PPI claim is for a mortgage / loan, or for a credit card.

Next complete the details and click the “calculate PPI refund” button to see how much you could be owed.

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You could be due compensation between £ - £ *The figures are based on broad assumptions and are approximate. Start your NO WIN – No FEE claim now

How to Use Our PPI Claims Calculator

Use the form below to calculate how much you could be owed from mis-sold PPI. We’ve made it simple so that you can find out how much money you could potentially get from PPI claims.

Our PPI claims calculator is easy to use in just five steps:

  1. Choose whether the PPI claim is for a mortgage, loan or credit card
  2. Check from previous bank statements how much your PPI payments were each month
  3. How many months were you making payments?
  4. Add the date that the mortgage, loan or credit card was taken out
  5. Finally, click the “calculate PPI refund” button to see how much you could be owed

Our PPI claims calculator can show you how much money you could be receiving after making a PPI claim. This free online PPI calculator can be used for you to check any product which you believe PPI was mis-sold on.

What to do After Using the PPI Refund Calculator

After using the PPI claims calculator, you might decide that you want to make a claim. It’s vital to start as soon as possible. All PPI claims need to be submitted before 29th August 2019 — this is the deadline set by the Financial Conduct Authority. Some people could also potentially face an earlier claims deadline if your bank has contacted you about mis-sold PPI in the past.

Start by finding your paperwork with evidence of mis-sold PPI. You will need this to make a claim. If you no longer have the paperwork, don’t worry — at Canary Claims, we can find out if you bought PPI on any previous products or accounts.

Once you know if you had PPI, you can send this evidence to the bank, along with an explanation of how the insurance was mis-sold to you. Were you told that it was compulsory? Was it added without your consent? These are just a few ways that people were mis-sold PPI.

Once you contact the bank, they should reply with an outcome within eight weeks, although it can be longer. You can make a claim yourself or use Canary Claims to make a claim on your behalf. It’s important not to delay. Use the free online PPI calculator and start your claim today.

Canary Claims is here to help you throughout your PPI claims process. Don’t hesitate to contact us after you’ve used the PPI refund calculator to begin making your claim with the leading PPI claims company. Our low fee of only 15% + VAT (18% total) make us the best choice for your PPI claims.