Important security notice: There are some PPI fraudsters claiming to be from Canary Claims, trying to scam you out of your money. Find out more and stay safe.

Important Site Notice: The deadline of 29 August 2019 for all PPI claims has passed and it is no longer possible to make a new claim for mis-selling of PPI. All information on this website with regards to PPI mis-selling claims is for archive purposes.

If you’re planning to make a PPI claim or want to find out how much you could be owed from mis-sold PPI, Canary Claims have created a free online PPI calculator for you to uncover the potential of your refund.

The PPI claims calculator will offer an estimate of how much you could receive from a successful PPI claim. If you know all of the relevant details, the calculator is more likely to give you a more accurate answer.

Calculate your PPI Refund

Use the form to calculate your PPI refund amount.

First choose whether the PPI claim is for a mortgage / loan, or for a credit card.

Next complete the details and click the “calculate PPI refund” button to see how much you could be owed.