PPI? What is it got to do with me?

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Canary Claims Reclaim PPI

You could be a victim of PPI misselling if you have ever taken out a credit agreement such as a loan, credit card, mortgage or store card so it’s important that you find out more about PPI. PPI or in other terms payment protection insurance would have been offered to you when applying for such credit agreements.

PPI is normally sold so if you ever came into difficulty paying off your repayments you would be covered. Such difficulty could mean you were involved in an accident, became seriously unwell or became unemployed. All in all with these you wouldn’t be able to make your repayments for the foreseeable. But what the banks or lenders have not been informing their customers in that PPI is actually incredibly difficult to make a claim on should you ever need to use it and although sounding the most secure thing to do in having protection on credit policies especially where money is concerned, you have a very slim chance you will need to use it. Meaning you will have been paying into something you more than likely will never use and this is what the banks and lenders have not been informing their customers and this is why amongst other factors that they have lost a case against misselling PPI to their customers.

You too have a case to claim back any PPI you may have had whether it be on a previous credit policy taken and paid off over the last ten years or maybe one you are still making repayments to, you can claim it all back plus interest in starting a case against being a victim of mis-sold PPI.

There are many factors of mis-sold PPI and not just whether you haven’t used the insurance or not. How else was PPI mis-sold to you? Did you feel confused about PPI, not really understanding what was involved, prices, and interest? Meaning your particular lender was not very clear in explanation? Did you feel pressurised or did you think PPI was compulsory? Maybe you weren’t even given a choice? All these are strong examples of how you can make a claim against mis-sold PPI so do so today and you could be in for a treat within a number of weeks.

So PPI has a lot to do with you as you could be a victim like thousands of other customers who have already made their claim to get it all back.