Reclaim any PPI you may be owed

Posted on April 27, 2012 by Canary Claims

Reclaiming PPI is becoming increasingly popular in the UK after banks and lenders lost a huge court case against them mis selling PPI to their customers and now they are having to pay thousands of pounds back due to mis sold PPI. You may have seen more information about PPI on the television or heard about it on the radio. But if you think you have it, now is your time to reclaim PPI.


PPI is otherwise known as Payment protection insurance. This insurance is sold to you when taking out a credit agreement such as a loan, credit card or mortgage. In the chance that you do ever become poorly or unemployed causing you difficulty in keeping up with your repayments, you can use this insurance to make a claim. But why is this mis sold as sounds like a sensible thing to do to be covered on your loans and credit agreements? Sounds like a sensible thing to do yes, but banks and lenders don’t actually make it clear that in the event of you needing to make a claim, it is actually very difficult to do so. This amongst other reasons is why people have a case to reclaim PPI. Banks have had to pay billions of pounds in the last couple of years and you could be next. If you have or have ever had a credit agreement in the last ten years, whether you are still making repayments or have paid the original loan amount back you to have possibly been mis sold PPI and have a case to reclaim it back. If you think back to when you took out the policy, was payment protection explained to you? Were the terms and conditions explained should you have had to make a claim? Did you feel a little pressured that you needed PPI? Were you told it was compulsory? If any of these sound familiar to you, you must without hesitation seek advice in starting your case to reclaim PPI. Payment protection may sound good at the time when needing a loan but you more than likely have paid up to 30% of your original loan plus interest. You have nothing to lose. Reclaim PPI today and you could have thousands of pounds back within weeks.