Reclaim your PPI today

Posted on April 30, 2012 by Canary Claims

PPI is otherwise known as payment protection insurance and you may have seen or heard about this when taking out a credit agreement such as a loan, credit card, mortgage or store card. There has been a huge court case against the banks and lenders about PPI and how its been mis sold and now they have to pay the protection insurance back plus interest in many cases too. If you have ever taken out a credit agreement in the last ten years and possibly have PPI, now is your time to start a case to reclaim PPI back.


PPI can be seen on all your paper statements as payment protection, loan protection or along the lines of “protection”. This insurance has been mis sold to billions of people to cover you should you ever become unemployed or have an accident which causes difficulty in keeping up repayments. But what the banks and lenders haven’t made clear is that in the slim chance you would need to make a claim, its extremely difficult to do so. Also many people feel pressured by lenders that they must have protection and in fact its not compulsory to have. With this and amongst other cases against banks and lenders, this is why thousands of people already have made a PPI reclaim and received thousands of pounds so don’t hesitate, start you reclaim today.


If you have already paid off your credit agreement, this is fine. You can still make a claim of anything up to ten years and you can also reclaim PPI should you still be making instalments to a current loan you may have too.


You can, if you wanted to, start a claim against your lender yourself by calling them or writing and asking to reclaim PPI on your credit agreement you have taken out. Whereas some banks and lenders may be willing to just hand the money back. A lot of them will put up a fight so for your piece of mind why not get some help with PPI reclaim and let help you out. It will take the time and stress out of your own hands so they can make a reclaim for you so you could have thousands returned in a number of weeks depending on circumstances.