Be Aware of the PPI Claims Companies Scam

Posted on March 8, 2018 by Canary Claims PPI Claims scam alert

Have you been contacted by Canary Claims? There is a PPI claims companies scam pretending to be us, so please don’t get caught out.

It has come to our attention that individuals claiming to be Canary Claims are contacting customers about PPI claims. This is not us. Please be careful when receiving a cold call from PPI claims companies.

This is not the first type of PPI claims scam that consumers have dealt with. Police have warned of door-to-door PPI scams in 2012 and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned against people who receive calls or text messages from companies claiming they can pay an upfront fee for their PPI refund.

All of these scams are intended to get people to pay money upfront with no outcome and no follow-up of a PPI claim. Telling people that they could be owed money, often thousands of pounds, is an easy way to grab people’s attention. But, you will often never see this money.

These companies may be more prevalent than ever due to the upcoming PPI deadline, urging people to make a claim before the August 2019 cut-off point. Although we are encouraging people to make claims within plenty of time, we want to make sure that you use the real Canary Claims, not a scam company.

We pride ourselves on being a claims company that is honest and transparent. If a company contacts you and claims to be us, please do not listen. We do not want you to get caught out. Below, we have listed what to look for in a company which claims to be us:

How to Spot the Scam PPI Claims Company

If you receive a call from somebody and they tell you that they are Canary Claims, please be aware of the following.

  • We NEVER cold call. If you have never contacted us regarding a PPI claim, then we would not be calling you.
  • We would NEVER ask you for your bank account details, passwords, PIN numbers or credit/debit card details, especially over the phone. Please do not give out these details.
  • We do not charge an upfront fee. You will be invoiced by us only if we have concluded a successful PPI claim on your behalf, or in case of cancellation outside of the 14-day cooling off period.
  • We take no payments over the phone. All invoice payments to us should be either by cheque, bank transfer to the account details on your invoice, or done securely via our website.

Making PPI Claims with Canary Claims

If you do want to make a PPI claim with Canary Claims, please contact us via our website or phone number. We are based in London and will not contact you out of the blue if you haven’t contacted us yourself. We are registered by the Claims Management Regulator. On its website, you are able to check the status of any company that cold calls you.

It’s important that you do make a PPI claim soon, before the upcoming deadline. However, please be safe when working with a claims company. Be aware of who you are giving your information to and if you are at all suspicious, do not continue to give your information

If you are in doubt about a company you spoke to called Canary Claims, please email us at or call us on 020 8269 2291. As a trusted claims management company, we want to help you with your PPI claims.