The 2019 PPI Claims Deadline

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Canary Claims The 2019 PPI Claims Deadline

Many people who believe that they have a valid ppi claim and would like to make an application to receive a refund from the banks, may be looking at the 2019 deadline for compensation requests and say that ‘there’s plenty of time left.’

The 2019 PPI Claims Deadline


This line of thinking should be avoided as some ppi claims can take a long time to process or be accepted and recently many people have had their claims rejected by the banks, even though the claim in question, ticked all of the boxes and looked like on paper a valid and real claim. Here’s what you need to do to ensure that you receive your full and complete ppi compensation, before the 2019 deadline.

Don’t Leave It Too Late

There is a possibility that your claim may be held up for several months, or even rejected by the banks, which could mean having to go through the ppi claim process all over again. To avoid this kind of hold-up and delay, it is imperative that you make your ppi claim as soon as possible.

Do Your Research

Most banks will try hard to ensure that compensation is not paid out. One way the is to reject applications or have them held up for months on end for no apparent reason. One way of speeding up your PPI Claim is to to ask your bank to perform a data access request, which will reveal up to six years records that the banks hold on their customers. A data access request only costs £10 and it can provide a treasure trove of information from receipts and records as to whether payment protection insurance was mis-sold to a customer or not.

Hire The Right PPI Company

Many people who try to make a PPI claim all by themselves, soon experience hitting a brick wall of red tape and long delays from the banks, who sometimes can be extremely unscrupulous when it comes to having to pay out compensation for mis-sold PPI.

Hiring a specialist PPI Claims company like Canary Claims, can override most of those problems that people may face when making a claim themselves. Canary Claims have processed millions of ppi claims since 2007 and they have a stellar record in winning compensation for their customers.