You can now claim back you credit card PPI

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Canary Claims PPI Credit Card

PPI Credit CardYou may have heard about PPI recently otherwise known as payment protection insurance and how it has been mis sold to thousands of customers over the last decade or so by either having no use to the customers or from lack of explanation about the PPI product by specific banks and lenders.

 Mis Sold PPI

PPI has been mis sold to thousands of people who have applied for some sort of credit agreement such as a loan or mortgage and in recent years it has come about after investigation that credit card PPI has also been mis sold.

 Credit Card PPI

If you have ever had a credit card, then you too could be a victim of mis sold PPI by credit card companies making the payment protection sounds very interesting and beneficial to you when in fact, it is totally the opposite. Some of these PPI policies have been aligned so customers can never make a claim on them for example unemployed or self employed people would not be able to claim for one and have also been mis sold in a number of other ways too and now is the time you can claim back your credit card PPI.


Since early 2011 when such lenders lost a huge case against mis selling insurance not only credit card PPI, but other types also, they have received a huge number of complaints and now have to ensure that each and every customer over the last ten years whether their specific credit card payments are repaid or not, is paid back the PPI they have been originally mis sold.


When taking on a credit card there would have been different options for you to take and payment protection should have been offered to you as an optional added policy. You should have been advised whether you would be legible to make a claim on the insurance should you have ever become unemployed, poorly or be involved in an accident and you should have not in any way felt pushed at all and of course you should have been left feeling that you, yourself have made the right choice regarding credit card PPI knowing that you have been informed of all the ins and outs regarding this policy. If this is not the case, you can join thousands of others who have already made or started to make a claim against mis sold credit card PPI.


Once started your case you could receive thousands of pounds back within a number of weeks so do not delay, get your justice where it is due and make your claim to get back your credit card PPI.