You could be paying for protection you don’t need

Posted on August 11, 2012 by Canary Claims jar of coins on an insurance claim form

Credit cards are great in many ways as they give you flexibility with your finances and help out where needed but whether you use your credit card all the time to the max or just have on in your wallet for that rainy day, you could be paying out more money in credit card PPI.

Credit card PPI is a payment protection insurance and should you ever have difficulty in making repayments then that’s what the protection is there for. It does sound the most secure thing to do when applying for a credit card but in fact in the very slim chance you may need to use the PPI then its actually quite hard to do so and with this in mind you will in fact be paying out money just to have a protection policy on your credit card and not actually use it meaning you are actually wasting your time and money.

But how would you like to join thousands of other people who have claimed their credit card PPI back? To have up to thousands of pounds returned to your door within a number of weeks sounds lovely doesn’t it? Well now you can make a credit card PPI claim like many other people are doing against the banks and lenders who have lost a case against mis sold PPI.

So if you have a credit card, have a think back to when you took on the credit agreement. Was credit card PPI discussed with you as in explained properly, how it would work should you need to claim and how much it would cost you? Not forgetting the interest on top of course! Did you realise that PPI was not compulsory? Did you feel pressured at all? Has the protection just automatically been added to your credit card policy without your consent?

These are all examples of mis sold PPI and if any of them sound familiar then you definitely have a case to claim your credit card PPI back so grab a statement and look to see whether you have the protection or not as it will state protection insurance on there or you can even call your original credit card lenders who will tell you if you have insurance or not.

Once this initial stage is done you are on you way to reclaiming your credit card PPI back meaning you are not far away from receiving money your owed plus interest though the door. Oooh what could you do with the spare money? You could go on holiday, put it into savings, a shopping spree or pay off some of your credit card of course!!