You will get support to claim back your Mis sold PPI

Posted on November 4, 2012 by Canary Claims customer support

When applying for some sort of credit policy such as a credit or store card, a mortgage or a loan, many of the bank’s customers have more than likely been sold PPI otherwise known as payment protection insurance. It has now come about that such PPI has been unfairly sold.

You could be a victim of mis-sold PPI should you have ever applied for credit and felt payment protection was compulsory, or you may have felt pressurised or did you feel that the PPI was not explained to you properly.  Also, PPI was not available for those who were retired, jobless or self-employed so if you fall into this category then you too have been a victim of mis-sold PPI.

Reclaim PPI

Millions of people are now entitled to make a PPI reclaim after the banks and lenders were hugely investigated related to the Mis sold PPI scandal and now after the huge media attention this has been receiving, pursuing a claim is no longer an issue as the law strongly supports all mis-sold PPI claimants.

The banks and lenders have already received a huge 500,000 complaints through mis-sold PPI with no sign of slowing down as more people realise they too have been a victim. But why was payment protection mis-sold in the first place? Purely because the lenders and banks were all on commission when selling the PPI policy, so this is why most of them have made out that payment protection is a vital product to have, this, of course, is now not true. Also, customers who were at a venerable time when applying for a loan or credit agreement may have been told they had more chance of getting a loan should they also have PPI on their policy. This also is not the case and is also another example of mis-sold PPI.

Making a claim against mis-sold PPI is in no way your fault and doing so you will get the full support of the law so if you think you could have been a victim of mis-sold PPI whether you have paid your loan policy off in full or still making repayments then now is the time to do something. The banks have put even more money aside just for these PPI complaints so don’t hang about; get what you are entitled to through mis-sold PPI.