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    Mis sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is an insurance premium added to your credit card and loan repayments without your knowledge, full understanding, or if you were exempt from receiving the cover.

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    If you have taken out PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) on any loans or credit cards in the last 6-10 years, then you may be eligible for a claim.

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PPI Claims

Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI has become one of the biggest financial controversies of the past decade as many consumers purchasing credit cards, loans and even mortgages were mis sold PPI by sales people. If you took out a credit agreement in the past 12 years, such as a loan or credit card then it is very likely that you were mis sold PPI and could make a claim.

Banks have set aside billions after a court ruling saying they should pay back Payment Protection Payments with interest if a claimant is found to have been mis sold the policy. PPI claims are worth thousands as the accumulation of PPI payments plus interest over the life of a credit agreement amount to, on average, over £3,000.
PPI is not a bad product as it was intended to protect your payments on a loan or credit card in the situation that you were no longer able to meet the payments, this could have been due to sickness, an accident or redundancy where you were no longer able to work and therefore make the repayments. If you have taken out a loan or mortgage in the last decade, then it is advisable that you check if you were paying PPI as many people who were mis sold PPI did not know that it had been added onto their credit agreement. Check your bills, credit card, loan or mortgage agreement to see if a payment was being made under the name PPI, or another name such as Loan Protection Insurance (LPI) or Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover (ASU).

Mis Sold PPI

Many people were mis sold PPI, if you are not sure if PPI was mis sold then check to see if the following circumstances apply to you;

  • Were you paying PPI without actually signing up for it or knowing it was added to your agreement
  • When signed up for your loan or credit card were you unemployed, retired or self employed? If this was the case then your PPI would not have been valid therefore you could not make a claim and PPI was mis sold.
  • Were you pressured into taking out the loan or told that the loan would not get approved without PPI?
  • Were you given the option to shop around for a PPI provider as a different company may be cheaper, instead of going with the financial body arranging the loan?

If any one or more of these circumstances apply to you, then could be owed thousands of pounds and make a PPI claim.

Make sure you are not missing out on reclaiming PPI by checking your credit card or store card statements or loan agreements for PPI or other titles such as LPI or ASU.

For a credit card or store card, PPI will have been added to your monthly bill or statement on a credit card the amount will depend on a number of factors such as how much you spent on your credit or store card and in turn how much you paid back regularly or monthly.

To check if you have PPI on a loan or mortgage agreement check your loan agreement as PPI payments may have been calculated and added as a lump sum. On many loan agreements the PPI is known as a single premium policy that is added as a one of payment when you start your loan payments. If you took out a loan in the last 12 years it is very likely PPI would have been added to your agreement.

Reclaim PPI

Canary Claims have years of experience and many happy customers and so can help you reclaim your PPI, taking the stress and hassle out of a claim, Canary Claims have been reclaiming PPI payments since 2005 and have thousands of happy customers who in total have claimed back millions of pounds from mis sold PPI payments plus interest. To start your claim or want to know how to claim PPI, Canary Claims will guide you through the process with ease. We are ideally placed to help you make a claim with years of experience and only charge you a fee if your PPI claim is successful. Unlike other claims companies there are no hidden charges and won’t charge you if your claim is unsuccessful. If we have a successful claim and you win back the money you are owed from the banks then we have a low fee of 14% plus VAT. This makes us one of the most competitive PPI reclaim companies around and with so many testimonials from happy customers what is stopping you from starting your PPI claim today? With a no win no fee policy and an excellent history of successful PPI Claims, Canary Claims are here to help you reclaim the money you are owed.

* Cancellation charges may apply. Total claim fee including VAT is 16.8%.