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PPI Claims

Mar 27, 2017 @ 11:01 am

If you have or have had a loan, credit card or mortgage then you may have been sold a PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). PPI has been systematically mis-sold in the UK to millions of consumers. Here at Canary Claims (established 2005) we have been helping thousands of our customers claim back their PPI premiums plus interest.

Please complete the brief enquiry form on this page and we shall send you an application pack in order to start your claim. Our company works on a no win, no fee basis* and operate a low success fee of 15% + VAT (18% total).

With the PPI Deadline announced for 2019, it is imperative that you don’t miss out on getting money which is owed to you.

* Cancellation charges may apply. Total claim fee including VAT is 18%.

Why Choose Us?

We are experts in helping to claim money back from the banks, such as Natwest and HSBC.

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We have been successful in winning thousands of cases and we offer a unparalleled service, where we will handle all aspects of your ppi claims case, including making sure everything is made simple and we will strive to ensure that you receive the most amount of money as possible. Click here to read our PPI Claims Advice for 2017

Best PPI Claim Company: Canary Claims

We have over 10 years of ppi claiming and we have claimed millions for our customers. We offer a cheap and low fee of only 15%. We will take care of all of your case, including working out your claim by using our ppi claims calculator and your ppi template letter submission.

How Far Back Can You Claim PPI?

There is no specific time limit as to how far back a person can make a claim against a mis-sold policy. The only thing that could hinder a compensation claim is a customer’s inability to locate their paperwork. It is easier to win if the ppi was sold in the last 6 years, however not being in this position should not be a problem, when it comes to reclaiming.

How Do I Know If I Have PPI?

To see if you are eligible for compensation is to thoroughly check all loan and mortgage statements and to scrutinize your paperwork to see if there is any mention whatsoever of PPI or an insurance fee which was designed to cover loan repayments if you became sick suffered an accident over unemployed.

PPI was also known as:

  • Payment Cover
  • Protection Plan
  • ASU
  • Loan Protection
  • Retail Payment Protection
  • Loan Care

How to claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI)

The financial conduct authority has set a claims deadline of 29th of August 2019 as the final date for claims and prior to this date the FCA is planning to spend millions of pounds in order to advertise this deadline to the general public.

People do not have very long if they wish to make a claim and if you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance on a loan or credit card, a store card, a catalogue account, an overdraft or if you had car finance it is vital that you check any paperwork that you may have to see if you were mis-sold.

Payment Protection Insurance: Explained

Payment protection insurance was a form of insurance which was sold on top of loans, credit cards, catalogue accounts and car finance deals. PPI is an acronym for payment protection insurance. It was originally designed to cover re-payments that a person may have to make if an individual was injured or unable to work.

PPI was wasn’t designed to be a bad financial product. However, the banks saw this product as a way of making quick money and it was mis-sold to millions of people in the UK. Staff at banks were told by management to sell PPI’s as it was an easy way of making money and increasing the bank’s profits.

These reasons led to premiums were mis-sold on a huge scale.

Banks lied and mis-sold policies breaking the trust placed in them by their customers.

Due to the amount of policies that were purchased, many individuals have no idea about how much money that they may be owed by the banks and when they make a claim, they are often shocked when they glance at the amount of compensation that they have received.

FCA Deadline for 29th August 2019

The financial conduct authority has announced that the deadline for people who wish to make a claim for mis-sold policies, has been set for the 29th of August 2019. This essentially means that people who believe that they were mis-sold – have until this date to make a complaint to the company which sold them the policy. If people do not make a claim by this date or make a claim after this date then they will not be able to claim for compensation.

A nationwide ad campaign highlighting the claims deadline and informing people of the need to make a PPI claim, if they already haven’t done so – will begin in August 2017 and it will continue until 2019.

The FCA will spend £42 million pounds on a campaign which will be run and marketed by the famed marketing guru’s Saatchi and Saatchi. The adverts will be on television Internet print media and radio and will be designed to create awareness for people of the aforementioned FCA deadline and the specific date that people have until to make a claim, if they wish to do so.

Martin Lewis On The Claims Deadline

One person who has raised concerns regarding the announcement by the FCA of claims deadline for August 2019 is the consumer champion Martin Lewis .

Mr Lewis has been lobbying FCA and the UK government to halt implementing the FCA deadline. Lewis says that the UK banks cannot be trusted to deal with this deadline. He said in a radio interview that the government is essentially only interested in improving the balance sheet of the banks.

He said that according to FCA data, 50% of people in the last 12 months you have had a PPI claim rejected by the banks have then had they claim overturned by the ombudsman on appeal, which shows that the banks cannot be trusted to deal with such a deadline in a correct manner.

People have been claimed PPI since the banks lost a high court judgement in April 2011. The vast majority of people who were mis-sold premiums have successfully made claims against the banks. However there still millions of vulnerable people, who have not yet made a claim. The FCA have been seeking to address these concerns by bringing in new rules.

What is Plevin?

This is the name of a court case because bought by Susan Plevin against the banks. The ruling means that means of more people could be able to make a PPI claim. The Plevin case essentially referred to instances where over 50% of the cost of a policy was paid as commission to the lender or the bank and if the bank did not tell their customers that they were paying this commission. Victims of mis-sold policies will have the legal right from August 2017 to claim the extra and any amount over the commission taken from their agreements back.

Considering that the average commission on a loan with 67% this means that over two thirds of most policies were used by the banks and lenders to pay commission to themselves. This is one of the reasons the reasons that PPI was mis-sold on such a massive scale by UK banks, such as Barclays, Lloyds, Natwest, TSB, RBS, Alliance and Leicester and Santander and catalogue companies like Ambrose Wilson and Kays.

It served as an incredibly easy way of making money for the banks. The lenders and banks usually never told the customer what the commission rate was and the amount of money they were taking. Most people who have who were sold loans and credit card will have most likely have been mis-sold PPI.

Mis-Selling Defined

Payment protection insurance in itself wasn’t a bad policy or product. PPI had been originally designed to help people to make payments for up to a year if a person had an accident, was sick or unemployed and they we were unable to repay loans.

However the banks saw PPI as a easy way of making quick money and used various sales methods to convince people to buy this product.

These included lying to their customers telling them that PPI was a compulsory policy. Also they would often add policies on a loan agreement, without asking the customer beforehand.

There have even been cases where PPI was added on to someone’s policy, even if a person had previously told the bank that they did not wish to have a PPI Policy.

Other ways in which banks mis-sold PPI was failing to perform adequate background checks to see whether it was a right product for the customers.

An example would be self-employed people being sold unemployment cover.

PPI Medical

Also people with pre-existing medical conditions were sold PPI and they were not asked about their medical history before they took on a policy.

PPI was pushed hard by the banks and customers were targeting with incentives to take up a payment protection insurance policy.

£20 billion pounds has already been paid out to customers. This figure could rise to £30 billion pounds by the end of August 2019, when the FCA deadline takes effect.

PPI Check Online: PPI Scandal

PPI was a massive and huge scandal perpetrated by the UK banks against consumers. The 2019 deadline has not been doing this is designed in favour for consumers, in spite of what the financial conduct authority says. Stopping and not allowing people to make a reclaim, even if the FCA are heavily advertising the deadline, is simply not a good enough excuse. A PPI claiming deadline has been designed to help the banks bottom line.

The banks have been pressuring the government and the FCA for many years to impose a deadline.

This is essentially a huge amount of hypocrisy on the banks as they have made millions by mis-selling PPI to the customers.

It’s essential that you check your paperwork to see if you have or had PPI and if you had a policy and if you make a claim and your case is rejected by the banks you should take your claim to the ombudsman which will often deliberate in consumers favour.

Fill out your details below and start your claim!

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