No Win, No Fee PPI Claims

Our fee on successful claims would always be 15% + VAT (total 18%) of the total amount awarded to you. If your claim is not successful there is nothing to pay. There is also no fee for claims cancelled during the cooling-off period. Claims cancelled outside the cooling-off period may be subject to a cancellation charge based on the amount of work done at the time of the cancellation at £120 per hour. In any case, the total cancellation fee would be capped at £180. However, if you let us continue with your claim until the end, you would never have to pay any cancellation charges.

If you’re looking for a no win, no fee PPI claims company, you’ve come to the right place. Canary Claims is ready to make a claim on your behalf. Find out more about us below.

Are you looking to make a PPI claim before the upcoming deadline? No doubt you’re eager to start your claim as soon as possible. Finding a reputable PPI claims company to handle your claim can be tricky, so it’s important to find a company offering no win, no fee PPI claims.

You should never pay a claims management company any money upfront. Always choose a reputable company, working on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means you will only pay if your claim is successful. If they don’t win the claim on your behalf, you don’t pay anything.

Paying an upfront fee can be a big mistake, as you may end up chasing a refund if the case is not successful, or if you discover that you never had PPI in the first place.

Always look for a PPI claims company that is 100% transparent. This means being upfront about their terms, fees and if they are authorised and regulated by the Claims Management Regulator. The claims company should send you a pre-contract information sheet for you to keep besides a copy of the terms of the agreement. Always check and read the terms and pre-contract information before signing up for the service.

As of April 2018, new government regulations mean that claims companies can only charge a client after their PPI claim has come to a conclusion. If you find a company that is charging upfront fees, you can contact the Claims Management Regulator.

Why Canary Claims is the Best No Win, No Fee PPI Claims Company

Some claims management companies can charge up to 20% + VAT (24% in total) for a successful PPI claim. This means you could only receive 76% of your money.

At Canary Claims, we charge only 15% + VAT (total 18%) for successful PPI claims. This is one of the lowest fees for PPI claims. We always offer a no win, no fee service to customers and don’t ask for any money upfront.

We have a successful track record of PPI claims which can be found in our testimonials. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and keeping you up to date throughout the claims process. We know you don’t want to be hassled by claims companies, so we never cold call you and are based in London, the financial heart of the UK.

Why Wait? Make Your No Win, No Fee PPI Claim Before the PPI Deadline

Last year, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced a cut-off date for making PPI claims. The PPI deadline is set for 29th August 2019. All PPI claims must be made before this date in order for consumers to receive their money.

It’s crucial to start a claim as soon as possible. A claim can take up to six months to be resolved by the bank, so start now to receive your money within plenty of time before the deadline. With the promotion of the PPI deadline in full swing, the banks are likely to be receiving a higher volume of claims. Avoid the jam and potential backlog of claims by starting your claim now.

Making a no win, no fee PPI claim means that you don’t need to spend a penny to start your claim today. So, don’t delay — find out if you could be due thousands of pounds.

How to Make a PPI Claim

Canary Claims is ready to start your claim today. Already have your paperwork with evidence of PPI? Great! We can get you started on your claim as soon as possible. If you’ve searched but can’t find any paperwork, don’t worry. As specialists in reclaiming PPI, we are able to recover the information you need.

Once we have discovered if you had PPI, we can start a claim on your behalf. Remember: you won’t need to pay unless the bank upholds your claim and believes that PPI was in fact mis-sold. Our no win, no fee PPI claims policy means you won’t lose any money from making a claim.

Canary Claims has a proven track record of successfully claiming millions on behalf of thousands of consumers since 2005. We work on a no win, no fee basis and our success fee is 15% + VAT (total 18%). Get in contact with Canary Claims for your no win, no fee PPI claim today!