PPI Claims at a Fair Price

Established in 2005, Canary Claims has a proven track record of claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI.

If you’ve had a loan, credit card or mortgage, you may have been sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). PPI has been systematically mis-sold in the UK to millions of consumers. Canary Claims is a highly experienced PPI claims company helping the UK public claim back what is rightfully theirs.

Please complete the brief enquiry form on this page to receive an application pack in order to check whether you have had PPI (no documents needed). Our company works on a no win, no fee basis* and operates on a low success fee of 15% + VAT (18% total).

With the PPI deadline announced for August 2019, it is imperative that you don’t miss out on getting money which is owed to you. Start your claim today.

* Cancellation charges may apply. Total claim fee including VAT is 18%.

What our customers say

Our testimonials speak for themselves. All compensation figures are pre-deduction of our fees.

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Still not sure? Consider this...

We find out if you’ve had PPI

We are experts in helping to claim money back from the banks, such as Natwest and HSBC. We find out if you’ve had PPI

We don’t need any documents

We don’t need any documents from you in order to start your claim; we do all the hard work for you so you don’t have to.

We don’t sell your information

We don’t share your information or sell it to any other companies. You can feel secure that your data will only be used by us.

We don’t cold call you

We’re not a call centre that cold calls looking for leads. We operate mainly by word of mouth recommendations.

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PPI Claims

PPI was a form of insurance which was sold on top of loans, credit cards, mortgages, catalogue accounts and car finance deals. It was originally designed to cover repayments that a person may have to make if an individual was injured or unable to work.

PPI wasn't designed to be a bad financial product. However, the banks saw this product as a way of making quick money and it was mis-sold to millions of people in the UK. Nearly £30 billion has already been repaid to customers for mis-sold PPI.

Why choose Canary Claims?

We have over 10 years of experience claiming back PPI and have claimed millions of pounds for our customers. We offer one of the lowest PPI claims fees (18% including VAT) and will take care of all areas of your case, including working out your claim by using our PPI calculator.

We offer an unparalleled service and are here to answer all of your questions throughout your PPI claims. We strive to ensure that you receive a full refund of premiums plus interest.

Why We Are The Best PPI Claims Company

CANARY CLAIMS 18% £2,000 N/A
Gladstone Brookes 30% £2,000 £240
Claims4refunds 34.80% £2,000 £336
The PPI Team
35% £2,000 £340
ABC Claims Management 35.40% £2,000 £348
The Hardwick Group 36% £2,000 £360
Haveigotppi .org.uk 36% £2,000 £360
The Claims Guys 36% £2,000 £360
Haveigotppi .com 36% £2,000 £360
PPI Claimback 36% £2,000 £360
Emcas Claims 39.60% £2,000 £432
Consumer Claims 46.80% £2,000 £576
Harringtons Advisory 46.80% £2,000 £576

Make a claim before the PPI deadline

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set a deadline of 29th of August 2019 for reclaiming mis-sold PPI. This means that people who believe that they were mis-sold PPI have until this date to make a complaint to the company which sold them the policy. If people do not make a claim by this date or if they make a claim after this date, they will not be able to make a claim for compensation.

Start your claim as soon as possible in case you are facing an earlier deadline. You might have an earlier PPI claims deadline if the bank has contacted you previously about reclaiming PPI. Talk to Canary Claims today to find out if this is the case.

Already made a claim? Don’t worry. Even if your PPI claim has previously been rejected, you might be able to make a new claim because of the Plevin ruling. Find out more about the Plevin ruling to see if you can make another PPI claim.

How to claim for mis-sold PPI with Canary Claims

  1. Use our online contact form to tell us which products you believe PPI was mis-sold on.
  2. Once we receive this, we will send you our simple three-page PPI pack. In this pack, you will fill out further details of the financial products which you believe PPI was mis-sold on. Send this back to us.
  3. Our team of PPI specialists will immediately start work on your claim by trying to discover whether you were mis-sold PPI and if there is any proof of this.

From the moment that we receive your completed PPI pack, we will keep you fully informed of all the work that we have performed. This includes any correspondence that we receive from your lender. The process can take 8-16 weeks.

If we discover evidence of mis-sold PPI, we will send a complaint to the lender who sold you a PPI policy and ask them for compensation, plus interest. If the lender upholds your PPI claim, the bank will make an offer to you to settle the complaint and you will receive your compensation within weeks.

If you claim is rejected by the lender or they have not sent a reasonable response, we will refer your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

If the FOS rules in your favour, your lender will make you an offer and then send you compensation. Following this, your case will be closed. Please note that the FOS has a huge backlog of PPI claims and it can take up to two years for this to be resolved.

Canary Claims operates on a 100% no win no fee* policy. We will not charge you upfront to make a claim with us and at no stage will we ever levy any secret or hidden charges for making a PPI claim with us. For more information about Canary Claims, please visit our FAQ page.

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