Claim Back Woolwich PPI Before the Upcoming PPI Deadline

Posted on April 16, 2018 by Canary Claims Woolwich building society

Don’t miss out before the imposed PPI deadline — make a Woolwich PPI claim today, as you could be owed thousands of pounds.

With only 18 months left to make a PPI claim, now is the time to contact your bank and find out if you are due a Woolwich PPI refund. Even if you were mis-sold PPI 20 years ago, you could still be entitled to compensation and a refund from your bank.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set the PPI claims deadline for 29th August 2019. You must submit your PPI claim before this date. But, be aware that many people face an earlier claims deadline if they have been previously contacted by their bank.

If you’ve already made a claim but it was rejected, it’s possible to make another claim due to the Plevin rule. This rule means that if over 50% of your PPI sale was a commission, you can make another claim. Please note that you can only claim again if your first claim was unsuccessful.

If you believe that you might have Woolwich PPI, read below to find out more about how you can make a claim within plenty of time before August 2019.

Have you had PPI?

How Did Woolwich Mis-Sell PPI?

Woolwich is no longer a functioning building society, but it was taken over by Barclays in 2000. This means it’s still possible to make a Woolwich PPI claim if you contact Barclays.

Over 1.5 million people have already made a PPI claim against Barclays. The bank has allocated over £7 billion to mis-sold PPI — a figure that is likely to increase further still before the 2019 deadline.

Like many other building societies, Woolwich got caught up in the PPI mis-selling scandal. PPI was sold alongside their loans and mortgages. If you had either of these, you could be entitled to Woolwich PPI.

Many customers were paying for PPI because they thought it was compulsory or were signed up to it, regardless of whether they could claim on it.

How to Claim Woolwich PPI

Claiming PPI is simple with Canary Claims. It’s possible to contact Barclays yourself but when you work with us, we can handle all communication with the bank for you, giving you a stress-free PPI claim.

The first step to making a PPI claim is to uncover if you were in fact mis-sold PPI. Find any old statements and paperwork from Woolwich. If you did have it, it’ll be listed as PPI or something similar, such as loan care or mortgage cover.

If you cannot locate paperwork from your Woolwich mortgage or loan, a reputable PPI claims company will be able to find out for you or an independent creditor.

If you discover that you do have PPI, the next step is to figure out if it was mis-sold to you. Do you remember being told that it was optional? Did they ask you about your employment? The terms and conditions should have been set out clearly to you.

Once Barclays is contacted, it will usually respond within eight weeks and either uphold the claim or reject it. However, the full process of uncovering if you had PPI and contacting the bank can take a number of months, which is why it’s important to start your claim as soon as possible. It’s highly likely that the banks are facing increasing numbers of claims due to the deadline, so don’t put it off. Beat the traffic and start your claim today!

Canary Claims is the very best PPI claims company around, offering a no win, no fee service and only 18% (including VAT) on successful claims. Don’t delay your Woolwich PPI claim — contact us today.