Claim Back Egg PPI Before The Deadline

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Canary Claims Man stressed over trying to make Egg PPI Claims

Were you mis-sold PPI from Egg? Egg card PPI has affected thousands of people in the UK — and you could be one of them.

In 1998, Egg was the first of its kind: an internet bank. The only way to operate an account was via the internet or through the call centre. In 2011, Egg was sold to Yorkshire Building Society and Egg credit cards were taken over by Barclaycard.

In 2011, Egg was fined £721,000 for its misselling of PPI. The misselling occurred on 40% of all telephone sales. Employees actively encouraged people to purchase PPI by over-emphasising its benefits or even applying it to customers’ credit cards without them agreeing.

Egg is one of the many companies that purposely mis-sold PPI to millions of customers in the UK. Since the scandal came to light, banks have been paying back billions of pounds to customers who did not want PPI or were unaware that PPI was added to their products.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that 29th August 2019 will be the deadline for making PPI Claims. This means it’s time to act now.

Canary Claims wants to help you reclaim your Egg PPI. If you were mis-sold PPI from Egg, we can contact the bank and find out if you could be owed money. If you have any questions, read on to find out how you can make an Egg PPI claim.

Can I Still Make an Egg PPI Claim?

Despite the handover of the company, it is still possible to make a claim against Egg. Any queries regarding Egg PPI claims now need to be sent to Canada Square Operations Ltd.

There have been a number of successful claims against Egg and there is still time to make a claim before the PPI deadline in 2019. It’s important to make your claim against Egg well before the deadline as the process can easily take a few months.

What Products was Egg PPI Sold on?

Egg credit card PPI was commonly mis-sold. This means if you bought a credit card from them, there is a good chance you could be entitled to compensation. Egg also sold PPI on loans and mortgages.

You will be able to check if PPI was added to your products by looking at previous statements and bills. If you no longer have this, you will still be able to make a claim. It’s possible to reclaim PPI with no paperwork.

There are numerous reasons why you may have been mis-sold PPI from Egg. In some cases, the terms and conditions were not stated clearly, you may have felt pressured or been told it was necessary. In Some cases, Egg employees told customers that the first month would be free and then they could cancel afterwards.

How to Make an Egg PPI Claim

If you need advice or assistance to make a PPI claim against Egg, Canary Claims can help. Egg credit card PPI still affects so many customers who never realised that it was added to their product.

We’ll happily assist you in finding all the details relevant to your account and handling all communication with Canada Square Operations. We aim to make all claims stress-free and strive to make sure you receive any money you are owed.

Make a claim for your Egg PPI now by calling Canary Claims on 0800 634 8668. We offer an incredibly competitive rate of only 15% + VAT and offer PPI claims with a no win, no fee guarantee.