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What is PPI and how could it be beneficial to you

PPI is abbreviated for payment protection insurance. You may have come across this kind of insurance when taking out a loan agreement or credit such as a mortgage, credit cards, loans and store cards. PPI can be claimed should you […]

PPI Glossary- Be Baffled No More!

Terms used in connection with PPI claims to be simplified. It is so off-putting to be faced with jargon and technical terms, so here is a simplified PPI glossary

PPI Finance Glossary- The “After” Glossary

PPI has been mis sold to thousands of people but clear up the jargon if you know you are eligible to claim here are some terms you need to understand

PPI Finance Glossary- The “Before” Glossary

Payment Protection Insurance otherwise known as PPI is a term that people hear a lot but many don’t really know what it all means. Here are the terms you need to know before making a claim

A Glossary of Financial Terms for PPI

When it comes to PPI, there are a lot of financial terms which many of us have never heard before, and so not know what they mean. Here is a short glossary of Financial Terms for PPI

Understanding the Jargon in PPI.

When mis sold PPI occurs you may not know if you are eligible to make a claim therefore getting through the PPI jargon is a good place to start

Payment Protection Insurance definition

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is generally sold with credit cards and loans to cover the consumer of the financial burden in case they are unable to repay due to accident, sickness or unexpected unemployment. PPI is also sold with mortgages, and covers for similar insurance. It can also be known as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover (ASU), Life & Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover, Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, Personal Loan Protection or Credit Card Repayment Protection.

Financial Ombudsman definition

Financial Ombudsman Service logo

The financial ombudsman service is an independent statutory body established by parliament as a financial expert to settle individual complaints between consumers and any businesses providing financial services. It is a free service used where the consumers are unable to resolve by issues on their own.