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Month: November 2012

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Banks Repay PPI

The banks have lost and now you can reclaim PPI

Banks and lenders have lost a case against mis sold PPI after a huge investigation and now all their customers...

Mis sold PPI

What is PPI and how can you reclaim it?

PPI is otherwise known as payment protection insurance and has been mis sold to customers who have applied for a...

reclaim ppi

Get help to reclaim PPI today

To reclaim PPI has never been easier, the banks and lenders have put a suffice amount of money to ensure...

PPI Payment Protection Insurance

PPI scandal has finally unravelled

If you think you too may have been a victim of mis sold PPI, then you need to take action...

PPI Claim

Average bank payout is £2750 through PPI

The average PPI payout is £2750 so if you have a credit policy or loan, its worth taking a look...

PPI Compensation

Been mis sold PPI? Now you can claim back Payments

Banks and lenders have already paid out two billion pounds in PPI compensation and this is raising by the day...

Mis sold PPI

Taken out a loan? You could be a PPI victim

Mis sold PPI is said to be the most complained about financial product according to the financial ombudsmen after a...

a stack of credit cards

Are you a victim of mis sold PPI?

Millions of people are now entitled to reclaim payment protection insurance which has been wrongly sold to them when taking...

customer support

You will get support to claim back your Mis sold PPI

Millions of people are now entitled to make a PPI reclaim after the banks and lenders were hugely investigated related...

Showing 1-9 of 10 posts
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