Important notice: We will no longer accept incoming PPI application packs sent by us prior to 21st June 2019. Should you wish to pursue your PPI claim please contact the lender direct or make alternative arrangements.

Furthermore, all other applications to return to us by 7th August 2019. Any application received after 7th August will not be processed.

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Month: February 2011

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FSA Logo

FSA warns banks not to delay PPI complaints

Banks have recently being putting PPI (payment protection insurance) complaint claims on hold while a judicial review has being taken...

Payment Protection Insurance definition

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is generally sold with credit cards and loans to cover the consumer of the financial burden...

Financial Ombudsman Service logo

Financial Ombudsman Definition

The financial ombudsman service is an independent statutory body established by parliament as a financial expert to settle individual complaints...

Showing 1-9 of 3 posts
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