Claim back your PPI Infographic

Claim back your PPI

There can be a lot of confusion about PPI and Mis sold PPI so we have created a simple infographic to show you some of the important information you will want to be aware of when claiming back PPI.

The most important things to look at are if you are eligible to claim back PPI.

  • Were you unemployed, retired or self employed when you took out your loan or credit card? PPI does not cover people if they are retired, unemployed or self emplyed.
  • Were you unaware that you had taken out PPI? Was it not explained or added without your knowledge?
  • Did you feel pressured into taking out the loan or told that the loan would not get approved if you did not take out PPI?
  • Were you told you could get PPI from another insurance provider ?

Almost £8bn has already been paid out to PPI claimants for mis sold PPI and around £4bn is waiting to be paid out for successful PPI claims it is estimated that a further £2bn has been set aside by the banks to still be claimed so now is the time to act fast and claim back your mis sold PPI.

Claim back your PPI Infographic

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