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FCA PPI deadline is fast approaching

The FCA PPI Deadline Is Just One Year Away: Have You Made a Claim?

Last summer, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator for financial businesses — including banks and credit providers in the...

Claiming PPI on behalf of the deceased

Can You Make a PPI Claim for the Deceased?

It’s unlikely you haven’t heard about the banking industry’s blockbuster Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal. If your family member took...

Reclaim PPI after a divorce

Can you Claim PPI after a Divorce?

Are you a divorcee looking to make a PPI claim? If you have previously bought PPI on a joint account...

Exchange Tower in London

Can I Trust the Financial Ombudsman with My PPI Claim?

The Financial Ombudsman has been in the spotlight recently with questions raised about how fairly it’s resolving cases. The process...

Financial Ombudsman Logo

How to Make a PPI Claim to the Financial Ombudsman

If your PPI claim is unsuccessful, you can make an appeal to the Financial Ombudsman. Below, we explain how. Have...

clock with the word deadline on the face

FAQs about the PPI Deadline

Do you have questions about the PPI deadline? We’re here to answer all of your questions and explain how it...

close up of credit cards

How Do I Know if I Had PPI on My Credit Cards?

If you believe that you might have been mis-sold PPI on a credit card, now is the time to make...

crowd of people in a line

FCA Debating if Even More People Can Claim PPI

Despite there being just 13 months until the PPI deadline, there is potential for even more money to be paid...

the word "Tax" on a stack of coins

Are PPI Payments Taxable?

If you’re in the process of organising your PPI claims, no doubt you have some questions about what happens if...

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