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Start your PPI Claim today, just fill out the quick form and we can help you claim back Payment Protection Insurance payments that you have been paying plus interest. Many of our customers reclaim over £3,000 in PPI payments from being mis-sold PPI.

Mis-sold PPI could be on your loan or credit agreement without you knowing, or could be the additional payment on your mortgage or payment that you didn’t know about. If you feel you are owed money from mis-sold PPI then get in touch as we offer a no win no fee policy and will not charge you any hidden costs, in fact, you only pay us when you have successfully claimed back PPI.

Canary Claims have been reclaiming PPI payments since 2005 and have thousands of happy customers who have in total received millions of pounds back from PPI payments as well as interest.

Take the stress out of dealing with banks and financial bodies and reclaim PPI payments plus interest by using Canary Claims.

Banks such as Santander, Lloyds, Barclays, Natwest and Halifax have all been paying back PPI payments to customers who were mis-sold PPI over the last 12 years. Even if you have paid off your PPI payments or still owe money for your loan, credit card, mortgage payment or any over financial agreement where you were coerced or unknowingly took out PPI then you can still claim back the money owed to you.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

PPI, known as Payment Protection Insurance was sold as an insurance policy to protect you if you could not repay your credit card, loan or other credit agreement. Unfortunately, many financial companies put a lot of pressure on PPI salespeople to sell PPI and many credit agreements had mis-sold PPI added to them. Mis-sold Payment Protection could have been added without you knowing or added when you didn’t need it, in this case, you are entitled to claim back PPI payments as well as the interest!

reclaim PPI

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