Credit Card PPI

Credit Card PPI
Many people took out Credit Card PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) without knowing or needing it, if this is the case then you are entitled to claim back the PPI payments on your credit card.  Good Examples of mis-selling credit card PPI were done by  Barclaycard and Egg

What is credit card PPI?

When applying for a credit card, you have to fill in a number of forms, if you took out a credit card in the last 10 years then it is likely that the forms would have had a selection to add Payment Protection Insurance on your Credit card, or Credit Card PPI.
Credit Card PPI may have been a tick box on an online form, an additional product the credit card salesperson may have filled in on your behalf or an option that you could have chosen.

In some cases, people taking out credit cards may have opted for Credit card PPI, but in many cases, Credit card PPI was mis-sold to them or they may not even know they have it.
If you have a credit card, make sure you check your credit card statement for additional payments you are making, if you find you are paying Credit card PPI then you may be entitled to a claim.

How do I know if I am entitled to reclaim credit card PPI?

If you didn’t know you were paying credit card PPI then you are entitled to reclaim credit card PPI payments you have been making, plus the interest on them.
If you took out a credit card and were not told about PPI, Payment Protection Insurance, how it works and when you may need it then you were mis-sold credit card PPI. Credit Card PPI is a good product if it is needed but many people are exempt from claiming, for example if you are self employed (or where at the time of taking out the credit card) then you cannot claim PPI. If you are retired or were when you took out the credit card, then you are not entitled to make a claim either, If you are not eligible to make a claim then you do not need PPI, therefore, credit card PPI has been mis-sold.

How can Canary Claims help me to reclaim credit card PPI?

If you think you have been mis-sold Credit card PPI then Canary claims can help you reclaim PPI payments plus interest.
Canary Claims can take the hassle out of dealing with financial bodies to claim back the money that is rightfully yours.
Canary Claims operates on a no win no fee basis so if you feel you have a PPI claim then get in touch today.