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Monthly Archives: January 2012

PPI, have you been mis sold?

PPI is generating lots of news in present times. This is because financial services are tackling and approaching poor selling or mis-sold PPI.

How to sell PPI Correctly

There are many cases of PPI being sold incorrectly. People were sold Payment Protection Insurance when they didn’t need it, want it, or even know that they had it. However times have changed and banks are being held to account for the way in which they have sold PPI.

Is the Consumer Winning the PPI Battle?

When battling the banks and big financial companies, the customer always seems to lose out. The banks made big bucks for many years charging high interest on credit cards, on loans or if you went into your overdraft. It seemed […]

PPI New Years Resolution

This new year make a new years resolution you can keep reclaim PPI you are owed payment protection insurance has been mis sold and you could be owed payments