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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Ever had a loan agreement? Claim back PPI today!

Join thousands who will can reclaim PPI payments the were mis sold by the financial lenders. If you had a loan or credit card you could be eligible

PPI Fair Play at Last?

The banks and other lenders are now required to write to millions of their customers informing them that they might have been mis-sold PPI,

Are you a Victim of Mis sold PPI?

It is seen on the Television, on the radio and in the papers nowadays about Mis sold PPI and is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people taking action and claiming back money that could be owed to them. […]

What now for PPI? It is still alive and kicking!!

PPI has made the national headlines yet again. This time there looks as though there is going to be some retribution for all the millions of people who lost out through being mis-sold PPI,

PPI David versus Goliath, Goliath suffers a setback.

Lloyds Bank have taken the unprecedented step in cutting £2 million pounds from the bonuses of 13 executives, including their former Chief Executive.

PPI Claims in the UK

What is PPI? PPI (payment protection insurance) or ASU (accident sickness unemployment) or Loan repayment protector is a type of insurance that has been selling alongside loans, mortgages & credit cards. Over the years millions of these policies have been […]