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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Reclaim your PPI today

PPI is otherwise known as payment protection insurance and you may have seen or heard about this when taking out a credit agreement such as a loan, credit card, mortgage or store card.

Reclaim any PPI you may be owed

Reclaiming PPI is becoming increasingly popular in the UK after banks and lenders lost a huge court case against them for mis selling PPI to their customers

Have you been mis sold PPI? Don’t hesitate in finding out

PPI is everywhere on TV adverts or the radio we cant get away from hearing about mis sold PPI which is understandable as after a huge court case banks and lenders have been forced to repay back PPI

Claim back thousands, you could be owed!

Have you ever taken out a credit agreement, such as a loan, credit card or mortgage? If so you have more than likely been mis sold PPI and you can now claim money which is owed back. PPI is otherwise […]