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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Be better off with a PPI refund

You may have heard people talking about PPI or seen adverts on the television regarding banks and lenders now having to give all their customers a PPI refund.

Have a credit card? You could have PPI

If you currently have a credit card or have had in the past then you may well have credit card PPI. PPI stands for payment protection insurance.

Heard the hype? So why not reclaim your PPI?

Taking out PPI sounds the sensible thing to do at the time of taking out a loan or credit agreement especially when the lenders and banks are possibly giving you no other option

Claim some compensation through PPI

Over the last couple of years banks and lenders have lost a huge court case over mis sold PPI. They have been accused of various forms of mis selling to their customers from lack of explanation about PPI to giving […]

Find out more about Mortgage PPI

You may be one of millions of people living in the UK who have a mortgage on your home and if this is the case then you may have and most probably have something called PPI

Need some extra money? You could claim back some PPI!

You could be entitled to reclaim some money that your didn’t even realise about through a past or recent loan you may have taken out.

PPI? Now’s the time to get it back!

PPI, Something you may have heard a lot about recently but what is it? PPI stands for payment protection insurance. Many people have been mis sold PPI and entitled to claim it back

You could be paying for protection you don’t need

Credit cards are great in many ways as they give you flexibility with your finances and help out where needed but you could be paying out more money in credit card PPI.

Are you due a PPI refund?

A PPI refund will enable you to claim back not only what is rightfully yours but all the payment protection you may have had on a loan or various credit agreements, plus interest.

Are you entitled to PPI compensation?

Have you ever taken out a loan, mortgage, credit or store card? If so you also more than likely have PPI on top of this agreement and you are probably a victim of PPI mis selling

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