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You must not delay, reclaim your PPI today

Reclaim PPI today

Thousands of people have already made or started to make their claim against PPI if you have ever taken out a loan or credit policy reclaim your PPI as soon as possible.

Ever paid PPI? Don’t worry now you can reclaim it

Reclaim PPI

You may have heard about PPI if you have ever taken on a loan or credit policy such as a credit or store card, a mortgage or a loan. PPI stands for payment protection insurance

What is PPI?

What is PPI

A huge percentage of us over the UK have either been an owner of a credit card or mortgage or taken out a loan or store card. If you are one of these people who have had any type of […]

What is PPI and how can it be beneficial to you?

PPI Reclaims

You may have heard about PPI or in the not abbreviated form payment protection insurance. This type of insurance is offered to you if you have ever applied for a credit policy

Have you heard the PPI news recently?

PPI News

The PPI news is that billions of pounds has already been returned to victims of mis sold PPI and now you could be the next. Speak to Canary Claims today.

Find out more about mortgage PPI

Mortgage PPI

Are you part of the huge percentage of people living in the UK who are owners of a mortgage? If so you more than likely have something called mortgage PPI. If you are one of many who could have been […]

Ever had a loan or credit agreement? Now you could be owed money!

PPI Money

There are many examples of mis sold PPI. The most obvious one being that, we have been sold this insurance when you don’t actually need it.

Are you a victim of Mis sold PPI?

Mis Sold PPI

News of Mis sold PPI is taking the country by storm by thousands of banks and lenders customers claiming all their PPI they have been mis sold back plus interest

Make sure you know how to claim back your PPI

Claim Back PPI

Have you ever had a loan, credit card or mortgage? If so it’s important that you read on as you could be entitled to thousands of pounds.

Find out more about credit card PPI

Do you have a credit card? Or owned one in the last ten years? If so you may have heard about credit card PPI. Canary Claims can help you reclaim mis sold PPI payments

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