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Monthly Archives: October 2012

You can now claim back you credit card PPI

PPI Credit Card

If you have ever had a credit card, then you too could be a victim of mis sold PPI by credit card companieswhose PPI policies have been aligned so customers can never make a claim

You have nothing to lose, Reclaim your PPI today

reclaim PPI

Thousands of people all over the UK have already made a start to reclaim PPI and many already have received thousands of pounds back from PPI

Now you can reclaim your PPI

reclaim ppi

Many people have never realised what PPI is or what we have it for but now is the time to find out whether you have it or not as now you can reclaim PPI

Get yourself some cash back by reclaiming PPI

You may have heard about PPI recently over the radio or news and how you could reclaim yours, if you have ever had any. But what is it and how can you reclaim PPI.

PPI and how it could affect you

Reclaim PPI

Have you been mis sold PPI over the last ten years whether paid in full or not, you still have a case to reclaim your PPI Canary Claims can make reclaiming PPI simple and stress free

PPI? What is it got to do with me?

Reclaim PPI

You could be a victim of PPI mis selling if you have ever taken out a credit agreement such as a loan, credit card, mortgage or store card

Have you heard of payment protection insurance?

PPI Insurance

Payment protection insurance is otherwise known as PPI. This kind of insurance is usually offered to you if you have ever had or looked into having some sort of credit agreement such as a loan, credit or store card or […]

Have you heard the news about PPI?

PPI Claims

Have you heard the PPI news? What is PPI I hear you ask and what does it have to do with me? Well if you have ever been the owner of a store or credit card or maybe taken out […]

Are you due some PPI compensation?

PPI Claims

Have you ever been the owner of a credit card or store card? Or maybe taken out a loan or mortgage? You may have been mis sold PPI and be entitled to claim back PPI payments

Have you been mis sold PPI?

Mis sold PPI

If you have ever had a credit card, mortgage or loan you will have more than likely been offered or even sold payment protection insurance or otherwise known as PPI.

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